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Last update : 2014-04-10
PIC --> PIC18F452 and 3COM 3C509B Ethernet ISA card

PIC18F452 and 3COM 3C509B Ethernet ISA card

1. What? :

At <> was an interesting webpage describing how you can connect a 3COM 3C509B Ethernet ISA card with a PIC16F877.

This page doesn't exist anymore, but luckily you can find some of it at

After reading this page I am trying to connect a PIC18F452 with a 3COM 3C509B Ethernet ISA card . At the moment I have something that is working quite well :-). You can test it by yourself if you like, you can reach the PIC18f452-webserver here.

2. Schematic :

At the moment I have connected a 3COM 3C509B Ethernet ISA card and a HD4478 LCD Display with a PIC18F452 and a cristal of 4Mhz. I use the LCD-display to debug the program.

You can download the schematic below :

This schematic is made with geda-gschem

3. The real thing :

Build on an experiment board :

3C509B 18F452

Build on a Printed Circuit Board, more info about this PCB is available here :

3C509B 18F452 pcb

xterm ping
xterm arp

Mozilla FireFox Server PIC18f452

4. The PIC18F452 assembly program :

You can download it here. Older versions are also available.

Note that I make use of gpasm (Reason: Mplab doesn't exist for GNU/Linux). So, if it doesn't work, you can try to assemble the files with gpasm.

I have written a little How To for the people who make use of MS\Windows. You can find it here. Note that I don't use MS\Windows myself, so I don't have much experience with it.

There also exists a Mplab-plugin.

From 16/05/2005 I have put all necessary files in a .tar.gz archive. If you are a MS\Windows-user and don't know how to extract such an archive, you can take a look at 7-zip.

Take a look at the News-section for more information about the changes made to the program.

5. Mailing-list :

Questions? Problems? Need help? Ask your questions at the pic3com-users mailing list.

6. News :

You can find news and information about the most recent development at this WebLog.

7. Useful information :

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