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Last update : 2005-05-19
PIC --> 16F84 IR Receiver

16F84 IR Receiver

Changes :

1. What? :

With this Infra Red Receiver you can show text on a HD4478 LCD Display, whereby the text comes from an Infra Red Transmitter that is connected to a PC. In this Infra Red Receiver is also a digital clock present (time + date) that is shown when there is no Infra Red Signal received for a while. Adjusting the clock is also done with Infra Red. The digital clock will only be displayed when the time/date is set, otherwhise the screen will be blanked.

The hard- en soft-ware for the transmitter can be found at

2. Schematic :

Below, You can download the schematic :

This schematic is made with geda-gschem

3. The real thing :

Print LCD-datum

4. The PIC16F84 assembly program :

You can download the program here .

5. Software PC :

The basic software for transmitting that I use is the lirc-software.

5.1. lircd.conf :

Add this to your /etc/lirc/lircd.conf :

5.2. Transmitting data :

With lirc comes a program irsend or rc (depends on the distribution that is used). This program can be used to transmit text. Some examples :

5.2. Transmitting text :

Because sending text with irsend/rc is cumbersome, I have written a little program in C so that transmitting text is easier to do. You can find the source of this C-program here (color html) or here (plain text) .

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