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Last update : 2011-12-03

- Debian Package : picprog -

Thanks to Jaakko Hyvätti for writing this nice program.

01/12/2011 : picprog 1.9.1 - Debian/Unstable

Koichi Akabe has taken over maintenance of picprog.
Picprog 1.9.1 is now available in Debian/Unstable

Thanks to Koichi Akabe...

30/05/2010 : picprog 1.9.1 - RFS: picprog (New upstream version)

There is a new version of picprog available.
I have created a Debian Package for it, which you can find here (source and amd64 binaries).

I hope that a DD can take a look and/or upload this package to the official Debian Repository soon.
I have send a RFS mail to the Debian Mentors list, which you can read here.
I have also uploaded this package to

11/07/2006 : Good news!

Picprog is now available as an official Debian package.
You can download picprog from the debian packages page :
Thanks to:

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