www AT janwagemakers.be

The past:

Somewhere in 1996/1997, I had a free E-mail adress at Digitale Metropool Antwerpen (the city Antwerp/Belgium). I also had web access to http://www.dma.be/, but not complete internet access. So, I was not able to surf the internet.


Luckily, there were www2email robots on the internet. So, I could browse the internet by sending an email to such a robot and receive the webpage by email. There was also a great mailing list (accmail) where people could ask questions about accessing the internet by E-mail.

2009 - 2014:

I have an ADSL connection to the internet. I don't need www2email robots anymore. But there are still people who have limited access to the internet. However, nowadays there are not very much www2email servers anymore.

That's why, as an hobbyist who enjoy playing with GNU/Linux after a hard day at work, I started experimenting with my own www2email server somewhere in 2009. This www2email server was running on my normal PC (Debian GNU/Linux).

In 2011, the accmail mailing list was going to close. So, I've setup an alternative list at http://groups.google.com/group/www2email

Somewhere in 2012, I saw an item on techsnap about a nice little computer that could be used as a firewall with pfsense.

[ 28m20s - 30m40s ]

So, I've ordered 2 of them. On one I have installed pfsense. On the other one, I have installed Voyage Linux and moved my www2email software (which is just some ugly hacked together BASH script) to it.

Below, a picture of the little computer that was serving webpages by E-mail at that time:


2014 - 2020:

Because it was cumbersome to keep my ALIX 2D13 www-2-email server up to date, in december 2014, I moved my www-2-email server to a VPS at Digital Ocean


Due to abuse I've shutdown my www2email server. It was fun. I hope people enjoyed this www2email server.