I’ve started using wordpress in aug 2011. Wordpress is nice to quickly post new content. But wordpress is also a complex piece of software that uses PHP and a mySQL database.

Beside wordpress I’ve also an old static web page running at the same hosting provider. And I monitor these with https://uptimerobot.com/. This is the result:


Like you can see, my wordpress site is down sometimes, while my static page at http://www.janwagemakers.be has 100% uptime. So, although wordpress is a nice piece of software, it’s complexity makes it less reliable. Because of that I was looking for alternatives that:

  • creates static HTML5
  • looks good on different devices (responsive design)
  • makes it easy to write content

So, I’ve found jekyll, where you write you pages in markdown with your favourite text editor. After that, you just run jekyll build and jekyll will make static HTML.

To import my wordpress posts, I’ve downloaded my database and imported it on a local mySQL-server. After that I’ve followed the instructions at https://import.jekyllrb.com/docs/wordpress/.