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Some problems that I have had and how I have solved them :

Self compiled Linux-2.4.26 doesn't mount / over NFS :

When I had compiled my own Linux-2.4.26 kernel and rebooted my javastation things stopped working because this new kernel doesn't mount / over NFS. Strange, because with pre-compiled 2.4.2 and 2.4.18 kernels that I had downloaded, everything worked without problems.

For some reason this newer kernel doesn't like "root=nfs". Instead of it, it wants "root=/dev/nfs".

So, I have downloaded the source of PROLL and changed the following line in ./krups/openprom.c


Then I have recompiled PROLL (using gcc-2.95 because gcc-3.3 give some errors). With this PROLL I can boot my 2.4.26-kernel without problems :-D

If you like, you can download this patched PROLL here

Upgrading from Debian Woody to Debian Sid failed

When I tried to upgrade Debian Woody to Debian Sid, this failed. dpkg 'died' everytime. The problem is dat dpkg tries to read the file /var/lib/dpkg/available completely in memory. Because the javastation didn't have much memory and /var/lib/dpkg/available was about 11Mb, dpkg didn't have enough memory to do his job

I have solved this by typing :
rm /var/lib/dpkg/available
touch /var/lib/dpkg/available

Of course, another solution is to first setup swap over TCP to avoid this problem.

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