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Sat Dec 22 10:14:54 CET 2007

Fonero Gets Fonero : discount on the La Fonera

At ''My Fon'' website is a button Fonero Gets Fonero. When I click on it I see this :

Fonero Gets Fonero
You have 20 invitations left
Invite your friends to join FON with a great discount on the La Fonera!

It doesn't mention a price, so I have send an invitation to myself to test. Below you see what I have received in my mailbox :

Join the FON Community and get free WiFi around the World!                           
Hola Jan,                                                                            
I am Jan, and would like to invite you to join the FON - the world's largest WiFi    
I am already a member of the FON Community, which means I share some of my broadband 
with the Community and in return I get access to FREE WiFi at all the Community's    
hotspots. Cool, huh?                                                                 
Test FON discount                                                                    
 The more people participate, the merrier, so I would like to offer you a La Fonera  
    WiFi Router for just $/Euro5.99* (that's a saving of over 75%) to join the FON      
All you need to do is to connect the La Fonera WiFi router to your broadband         
connection to share some WiFi with the FON Community. In exchange, you'll get access 
to other FON WiFi hotspot (FON Spots) anywhere in the world. For free. Forever.      
Visit the FON Maps to find the locations of tens of thousands of FON Spots worldwide 
where Foneros connect for free.                                                      
Register here and get your La Fonera for just $/Euro 5.99 (not including taxes and      
shipping charges). You can even add a La Fontenna WiFi signal booster to your basket 
for only $/Euro1.99!                                                                    
So join us in making a WiFi planet!                                                  
The FON Team                    

With shipping costs and sales tax this becomes 10Euro, a nice price! :)

If you want a Fonera for 10Euro, you can send a mail to me and I'll send a invitation to you.

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Sun Dec 16 10:26:09 CET 2007

Dell and GNU/Linux in Belgium

My current PC (a AMD Duron at 750Mhz with 256Mb ram) is almost 7 years old. So, I was looking what options I have when I want to buy a new PC (maybe this summer?). When I take a look at the website of Dell in Belgium, I see that I can not select to buy a Dell-PC without MS\Windows. Strange because I thought I had read that in the USA, Dell do sell Dell-PC's with Ubuntu/Linux.

So, I started a little chat-session with Dell to ask:

dell linux chat

Translated to English, it goes like this:
12:38:46 : Jan Wagemakers   : First question/comment: Suppose, I want to buy a
                              PC, for example a Inspirion 531/530 but without
                              MS\Windows. Is this possible?
12:39:11 : Koen_Weijsenborn : Good afternoon Mr Wagemakers. Unfortunately,
                              that is not possible.
12:41:04 : Jan Wagemakers   : Strange that this is not possible in Belgium,
                              because I had read that in the USA it is
                              possible to buy Dell PC's with Ubuntu
12:44:52 : System           : Session closed!
Well, in that case, no thanks, I will not buy a Dell :p

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