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Sun May 31 09:35:46 CEST 2009

Free SMS notifications with gcalcli and google calendar

Google calendar can send out SMS Notifications for events in your calendar.

With gcalcli it is possible to (quick) add new calendar events to your Google calendar.

And it's easy to integrate gcalcli in a shell script to send out a free (as in beer, gratis) SMS to your mobile phone.

For example:

 pts/2  jan ~$ cat sms
export LANG=C
DATE15=`date -d "15 min" +%H:%M%p`
echo "$DATE15 $@"
gcalcli --user xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx --pw xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx quick "$DATE15 $@"
 pts/2  jan ~$ sms ""
 pts/2  jan ~$ 

And after 5 minutes I receive an SMS on my mobile phone.

Can be usefull to send out notifications when certain things happens on one of your PC's. For example, a user is logging in, or when you receive an important e-mail.

Note that I have setup my Google calendar in the English language, because I had problems with gcalcli when using my native language.

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