So, yesterday, I’ve switched from wordpress to jekyll for my weblog. But there was also a second wordpress site running on my domain. I’ve created that website (school assignment) when I was doing night school. On the one hand I didn’t want to destroy this wordpress site, but on the other hand I consider it cumbersome to maintain a website with wordpress that will not change in the future, because a wordpress site is only “safe” if you keep everything (wordpress, plugins, …) up to date. I also didn’t want to change the look of this site. I just wanted to convert this site to static HTML, without changing the look of the site.

So, I installed With this plugin, you can :

generates a standalone, static html copy of your whole WordPress website

And it worked, kind of. For starters, some pictures where not showing on the converted website. After disabling Jetpack (plugin) image CDN the conversion worked a lot beter, but I had to copy some pictures manually.

Of course, in static HTML you can’t do all the things that you can do with a full wordpress site. For that reason, some things, like the contact form are not working. But the converted site looks the same as the original wordpress site without that I have to worry about safety issues.

The converted site is available at, it’s written in my native language (Dutch) and talks about PIC microcontrollers.