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Sat Jul 31 10:35:58 CEST 2010

Free SMS notifications with googlecl and google calendar

In MAY 2009 I wrote here about Free SMS notifications with gcalcli and google calendar .

Well, this wasn't working anymore :( I can add events with gcalcli to the calendar, but no reminder (SMS) is send.

But I have found a solution :)

At code.google.com you can download googlecl. New in googlecl 0.9.9 is "Reminders for added calendar events".

So, I have written a new sms script to send free (as in beer, gratis) sms notifications to my mobile phone.
 pts/12  jan ~$ cat sms
export LANG=C
DATE=`date -d "5 min" +%H:%M%p`
echo "$DATE $@"
google calendar add "$DATE $@" --reminder=4m 
 pts/12  jan ~$ sms "Free as in beer"
10:17AM Free as in beer
 pts/12  jan ~$ 

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